You're a rookie at the catwalk. Now you have a chance to show how fantastic you are!

But of course you like to dance, and your models do to. So now you gotta dance, slap your competition and steal clothes! All to make your style look the best!

Z/C is the round button, and is used for ending your turn.
X is for the x button and is used for attacking 
arrow keys for movement

All code is licensed with the unlicense license, so you can use it for whatever purpose you want, and copy as much as you want. Credit is appreciated but not in any way required. Assets are under cc0, so you can use those in the same way. Just have fun, and if you make something give me a headsup so I can play it <3
I've uploaded the cart to the Pico-8 bbs so you can edit it there. If you have any problems, send me a message or leave a comment!

Well the game is made entirely by me, but there are some thanks I want to give :D
Abhimonk / Abhi Sundu for being a constant source of inspiration and fun overall
Herpderpity Purple for keeping me sane 
Into the breach for giving me ideas for the combat
Mao, my italian friend, for getting me to sleep and giving feedback
Synthion and Geoxor for inspiring the music
Zep for creating pico8! It's a hella fun console to use

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, Character Customization, Cozy, Cute, dance, dressup, Turn-based
Code licensezlib License
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


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Also just found out that this game got into indiepocalypse issue 31, congrats on that! If I may ask, how did Indiepocalypse go? I'm curious about the anthology format and how much of an audience it has.


Oh thank you! It went better than I expected, the magazine has an audience somewhere between 50 and 100 people (just based on what I got payed). For the format itself, I really enjoy it actually. It's a nice way to get to try some new games and to support some small developers while you are at it!


This was great! Super fun and consistently interesting levels. I will say, part way through, one of the lines of dialogue remained over the UI through the last several rounds and made it so I didn't know my own stats, but even so it's a good time. Especially impressed with it being a game jam game!

Thank you! The text overlapping is sort of an "engine jank" thing, because I just implemented it hastily and in a pretty dumb way. Happy you still enjoyed it! Thanks a ton for playing :D

I figured it might be something like that, especially since it's a jam game on top of everything else. Still was able to win, and it's kept me sharp between Floppy Knights sessions haha


Daaaaang! From my limited knowledge of Pico8, this is really impressive! Everything was spot on and felt really good to play. Nice job!

Thanks! Developing for pico is actually really nice, because you can hide so much crummy sprites and halfassed code behind those pixels, so it's great for tiny projects / prototypes! Really happy to hear it felt good to play! 


Everything about this is amazing! The build customization, the way the music gives gameplay a powerful rhythm, the cover system, how intuitive everything is...


Thank you!


Wow this was so awesome. I love turn based combat like this and you executed on this concept so well.

I really liked the stat modification / upgrades in the form of garments, felt a lot like a traditional RPG with really intelligent tradeoffs due to the fact that you can't wear more than 1 type of each garment.

Also wow the music ramping up over the course of the whole game was so so good. The final boss variant and the victory variant at the end were my favorites, really made the final fight that much more intense (get owned grandma). 

The core combat is really really well done. I really love the cold, calculating, no-RNG style of this board-based combat. I also think that the range upgrades / aoe attacks (does 2 count as an area?) added a ton of depth to the game. Nothing was more satisfying than lining up a couple of enemies and knocking them both out with a ranged 2-square attack.

Also, the fact that this was all in pico 8 is insane, there was a ton of content in this. You did an amazing job!

Also hahaha aww I very much appreciate the shoutout, you're too kind. Awesome work, this game is sick!

Oh glad you like the upgrades! They were probably one of the less painful things to implement (enemy AI killed me) and it would actually be super easy to add a few more garments if anyone were up to mod the game.  Really nice to hear about the music as well, it was a last day of the jam thing so when I was making it I had mentally turned into a sponge. Fun fact, no patterns fade in or out, but I queue the next song and then I have a lil update function that checks for the current track to finish and then starts the next one. Not terribly impressive but I'm really happy with it nontheless.

About fitting so much content, I really just made a manager that reads through a list that contains all "scenes" and what is being said. It was a surprisingly efficient way of doing it, could have been optimized a bit for sure but it still worked pretty well. I checked now (just for boasting reasons) and there is a bit more than 2000 tokens left hehe!

And the shoutout, not even joking, cards of the bog was in my head for half the jamtime or something. So I stole a lot from there, maybe not directly but it's surely in there. 

Thanks a ton for playing and throwing a comment!


Wow 2k tokens left, that's really impressive! The strategy of queueing up the next song is really clever, I'll have to give that a try.

Hahaha I got a tiny bit of Cards of the Bog vibes from some of the combat, but this also gave me Fire Emblem vibes where you're trying to navigate enemy aggro ranges with your units.

Love playing your stuff!